COMPL3X – 未来派3D字体特效高清素材[PNG]

COMPL3X – 未来派3D字体特效素材。效果很炫酷,因为我PS很垃圾,我没会用。PS操作那么熟练的你肯定会so easy的!


COMPL3X – Futuristic 3D Alphabet Kit for Photoshop

Pre-rendered 3D characters with adjustable lights to create amazing sci-fi/tech typography.
Perfect for event posters, movie titles, album/book covers, software packaging or editorial headlines.

Key, Fill and Bottom lights are easy to adjust separately.

  • Set light colors directly, realtime feedback.
  • Control shadows and highlights for each light.
  • Switch off lights to achieve different looks with only one or two lights.
  • Change overall tone with the Ambient color layer.VERSATILE
    Character set in 3 versions: lights, reflections, z-depth.

    • Edit three individual lights.
    • Add extra magic and richness with colored reflections.
    • Apply realistically distorted textures with displacement maps created from z-depth images.

    Allcaps characters are around 1200px wide and 1400px high.
    At 300 dpi that’s 10x12cm or 4×4,5inch.


    1. Start with a template – or import full character set as one PSD (File, Place Linked…)
    2. Use a photoshop script to create your text automatically – or select characters using the dropdown in the properties panel (inner layer comps) and duplicate layers to create your text.
    3. Manually reposition characters if needed
    4. Use another photoshop script to create a layered, light-editable version.
    5. Change light colors directly by double clicking Solid Color adjustment layers and change light intensity with preapplied Levels adjustments.



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